Eco friendly packaging


We have been working lately on re-packaging our products. Our Bath Bombs are now wrapped in eco-friendly biodegradable and recyclable cellophane, which is made from woodpulp from sustainable sources.

        We are proud to say that our bath bombs packaging is now fully...

recyclable 🌼

biodegradable 🌼   

home compostable 🌼.

Doing our bit for the planet...😊

Biodegradeable       Recyclable       Home Compostable

Bath Bombs | Soapatico


Are we all doing our little bit to help save the planet?

Have you got a website? Leave a link in your comment below...



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  • I shop from a website which sells mostly biodegradable products which I really love, I tried out a few of their products and they were really nice 🙂
    Clare J. on

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